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Ethos Combatives is owned and operated by Adrian Hayes and Nathan Hayes.  We’re certified instructors under Guro Dan Inosanto of the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts.


We offer martial arts classes in the following arts:

You can learn more by reading About Us.  We’ve also posted videos at the bottom of this page because seeing is better than reading!


We are moving into a new Facility in August of 2014!


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How Much:

Our Membership options are competitive and hassle free.  No contracts required!


We’d love to address your questions!  You can connect with us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, or you can send your questions to ethoscombatives@gmail.com!  You can also call us at 864-381-7837!

We’d also be happy to answer your questions in person.  Call us to schedule a free consultation!


JKD: In the following vintage interview on the Pierre Burton Show, Bruce Lee describes the philosophy behind Jeet Kune Do:

JKD: In the following vintage video, Sifu (Cantonese title for “Teacher” used in JKD) Inosanto demonstrates JKD trapping principles:

FMA: In the following video, Guro (Filipino word for “Teacher”) Inosanto presents a history of Filipino Martial Arts followed by some great demonstrations with Guro Joel Clark at The Smithsonian:

Silat: In the following video, Guro Inosanto demonstrates Silat, a component of Filipino Martial Arts:

Silat: In the following video, Suzanne Luna Spezzano demonstrates Madjapahit Silat: